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Dawie and Lee-ann, January - Bride-of-the-Month

"Last night, while I was preparing this blog post, I was video chatting with my girlfriend - yes, I finally have a girlfriend again, miracles happen - obviously, the topic of 'Bride-of-the-Month' came up and she congratulated me on a fantastic marketing strategy, this compliment had amused me greatly, as I informed her that it's probably the worst idea I've ever had, paying a photographer every month to do shoots that are usually only seen by a handful of people, she laughed and asked me why I then continue to do it. And that was when I realised something: to me, 'Bride-of-the-Month' was no longer a marketing strategy or publicity stunt, sure it may have started out as one, but I suddenly realised that I keep running this contest, because I love this contest. Special clients like Johann and Corne, Craig and Nyree, Philip and Shantini, Anri and Werner, every one of our winners truly meant something to me and my team, and this contest has given us the chance to be reunited with them, that's something special; it's a chance we very likely never would have gotten otherwise. And that brings me to Dawie and Lee-ann, if I had to list all the reasons why these two were and still are one of my favourite couples, then this blog post could qualify as a novella. But I will say a few things: to me the most notable, they haven't changed; the couple I saw a few weeks ago was exactly as I remembered them from their wedding back in 2016. Through almost three years of marriage and 1,5 pregnancies, both have kept not only their sense of humours, but their extreme likeability, oh one subtle change - they both actually look YOUNGER than three years ago, seriously guys, what the hell? But most importantly, their love is just as true as back then, the way they still treat each other, the way they treat young Noah, seeing that just gave me kind of a warm feeling. And it's that feeling, that makes this contest worth it, not only rewarding our clients for using our services, but to let each and every one of you guys know - the role we played forever made you a part of our lives, and we will forever cherish that."

- Markus Gericke

Photography and videography:

Photographer: Natasha Louw

Videographer: Markus Gericke

Wedding service providers:


Videographers: Markus Gericke and Elzette Van Eeden

DJ: Jean Cilliers for


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