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Boland Weddings


- How long have you been in business?

We started doing business on the 1st of May 2010.

- What cameras do you use?

All our photographers use Canon 5D Mark IIIs, IVs or Canon R6's and our videographers use Canon R6 and 6D Mark IIs.

- How many people are on your team?

We currently have 20 people on our team.

- Can we visit your studios?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate clients at our work space, however, if you'd like to setup a meeting with us, arrangements for that can certainly be made elsewhere. 

- Do you only shoot weddings?

Definitely not, we have covered a variety of other events including school functions, medical functions, corporate events, 21sts, kitchen teas, matric farewells...almost anything you would like covered, we're up to the challenge.

- Do you offer any other services, besides photos and videos?

Not currently, but we have some things in the works, check this space ;-)

- Non refundable? Does that mean that if you cancel on us, we still lose our money?

Definitely not, if for unavoidable reasons we are forced to withdraw from your event, we will immediately refund any deposits that you paid out. The booking fee is only non-refundable if the cancellation came from your side.

- Do you offer payment plans?

Monthly payment plans can be organised, yes.

- By when do you need our booking fee?

As we do work on a first come, first serve basis, we recommend our clients to pay their booking fees as quickly as possible, to avoid disappointment.

- What happens if you cannot make our wedding?

If your specific team cannot make your wedding, it will be reassigned to another Boland Weddings team. This will have no impact on the quality of your product. 

- Do you require meals at a wedding?

Each team member requires one meal at the reception (except if Markus is doing your wedding, he

doesn't seem too fussed).

- Do you require accommodation?

We require accommodation only if the venue is more than a 2 hour drive from Stellenbosch.

- How far are you willing to travel?

If you're happy to carry the extra expenses, we'll travel anywhere ;-)

- Do your packages include shipping?

All our packages include a shipping allowance of up to R300, anything above R300 will, unfortunately, 

be billed to the client.

- What happens if our package gets lost during the shipping process?

If your package is lost, we will replace it with no extra costs to you.

- Who is responsible for import tax, if applicable?

Boland Weddings cannot be held liable for any form of import tax, so that expense falls to the client.

- We heard that you pay commission on referrals, is this true? 

This is 100% true, any old client referring Boland Weddings to new clients will receive 6% of the sale, once the booking fee has been received. PLEASE NOTE: this offer does not extend to discounted packages.




- Do you shoot table photos with the guests at each table?

If this is something that you require, we will happily do so.

- What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Depending on the extent of the rain, we may still be willing to do it outside, or if this deems impossible, the couple shoot can be moved inside. If clients are unhappy with this solution, arrangements can be made to do the couple shoot on a later date.


- Can you customise packages?

Yes we can.

- May we choose the location of our engagement or couple shoot?

You are more than welcome to do so, yes.



- What is your shooting style, documentary or cinematic?

Somewhere in the middle, although we do tend to lean more towards a 'story-telling' documentary style.

- May we request our own music choices for the video?
You are more than welcome to do so, yes.

- Do your video packages include messages from friends and family? Our Universal package includes this, yes, although it can be added to your Director's Cut, as long as it's worked into the day's timeline.


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