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Francois and Elzette - Die lekkerste ding om te doen (is om jou te soen)

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

"So first some backstory, this wedding has been a long time coming, how long you may be wondering? Literally, years before they were even engaged; I'm going to confess something, there was a time that I truly did not believe that Elzette was a potential client, I thought she was a competitor, doing frequent follow ups to steal our package information (jammer Elzette), therefore, needless to say, I was rather shocked when I received an email stating that they were finally engaged and she wanted to book us to travel up to Upington. This would officially be the furthest we have ever travelled for a wedding and that was an exciting thought. It became even more exciting when we met Francois and Elzette, back in March, when they travelled down to Cape Town to see the annual live show entitled 'Afrikaans is Groot'. Now, Afrikaans may be big, but I can say, it's rather small when compared to the wedding of Francois and Elzette. I'll admit, when I calculated that we'd be spending around 20-hours driving for a single wedding, I did ask myself if it was truly worth the extra effort, and now, having actually been a part of their special day, I can say with all honestly that it was. Francois and Elzette made us feel like part of their celebration and not once did being there feel like work, they are two of the sweetest people and have a unique chemistry with each other that I know means they will truly be happy forever. Theirs is a wedding I will remember fondly and they as people, I will forever cherish. Congratulations guys."

- Markus Gericke