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Jani & Leo - The happy start to a life of happiness

"So a little person story; Jani and Leo's was one of those weddings that I truly wanted to work on myself, and mind you, I was planning to. I had gone along to their engagement shoot, helped plan their timeline, ran a half-marathon to get to their meeting...theirs was a wedding I had truly been looking forward to, unfortunately though, fate had over plans and my videography skills were needed more than mine as a photography second shooter, so I was forced to hand over the reigns...and I was gutted. I guess I talk a lot on this blog about how you feel a special connection to some of your clients and you start seeing them basically as friends, well Jani and Leo could have stood in the front line for that. Ever since that first moment we arrived at their engagement shoot and recognised them from the bridal party at a different wedding we had covered, we knew that theirs was going to be something special, but that feeling really didn't do justice to what it was like being a tiny part of their journey and getting to share in their excitement. I guess I can't truly testify to what it was like being there on their special day, but from what I saw in the photos, both carrying those warm expressions that we love so much about them, being able to see their closeness in every moment almost feels like I was there, and at the same time, it makes me even sadder that I wasn't.

Jani and Leo, you guys are an absolute treasure, I can honestly say that comes from me, as well as all my other team members that got to know you throughout this journey and we are so happy, and privileged, that we could share in your day and capture your memories. Always, just stay yourselves and your future will be glorious."

- Markus Gericke