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Werner and Marisca's beach town wedding

The little beach town of Stilbaai is a quiet place, it's the type of town where passersby still smile at each other on the street, you still get parking right in front of stores and the biggest thing to do is driving around, laughing at all the random guest house names. The 8th of September though, this was all about to change, something was happening to put Stilbaai on the map: Werner and Marisca were sharing their vows. There was something about this particular wedding that just stood out for me, maybe it was how gorgeous Marisca had looked in her wedding gown, maybe it was the setting, maybe it was the fact that the weather seemed to clear up right at the perfect time...the list is endless, and yet, it wasn't any of that. What stood out for me was simply the way this couple treated each other, after many years together, their love and respect for each other was still so clear, so apparent: so real, and being a witness to this kind of marriage, just reaffirms my faith in the whole union and reminds me why we are so lucky to be doing what we do. Congratulations guys and thank you.