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Steven and Noelle - I'll follow you wherever the road takes us

"Meanwhile, as Keenan and Stacey-Leigh were preparing to board their plane, two other really special people were getting ready for a very similar endeavour. Steven was a dear old friend of mine with our family history ranging back to long before him or I had even been considered. He too had left South Africa this year, following in his father's footsteps and relocating to the UK, where he had already made quite an impression on his new employers. He would be returning there the very next day, this time a much richer man though, as he would have his gorgeous wife, Noelle, by his side. Although Steven and I hadn't seen much of each other in recent years, I had always had an extreme fondness for him, both as a friend and as a person. I had only met Noelle two days before their wedding, but I just had to take one look at her and I, immediately, knew: she was the perfect partner for my friend, Steven. I'm not going to delve too deeply into the details of the day; I will just say that for me it was truly special, it was special being there to capture the day and, more importantly, it meant a lot to me seeing my friends so in love and so happy. And yes Noelle, not only because of how happy you, clearly, make Steven, but just because of the kind of person I know you are - I also now consider you a friend. For the both of you I wish a lifetime of joy and happiness and I know you will leave your marks on everyone you meet abroad, much like you did back home. P.S. You guys using my pocket knife to cut your wedding cake was and will forever be one of my career highlights."