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Scot and Annabelle - I would travel across the world (just to be with you)

"Week day weddings are a personal favourite of mine, the weddings are usually small and intimate, the day usually feels relaxed and, when we're extra lucky, we get to spend it with clients like Scott and Annabelle. Actually, funny story about our first meeting with these two, we met them last year at Mugg and Bean in Stellenbosch. Annabelle had sent me a text, but, as I rarely check my texts, I had missed it. I, on the other hand, had been trying to reach her on WhatsApp, unaware that her WhatsApp hadn't been set up to work in South Africa. So, we all sat waiting for each other, and waiting, and waiting...neither of us aware that we had been sitting only two tables apart the whole time. Luckily, once we finally identified each other, we all had something to laugh about and I had a story for this blog - I promise you, it was funnier than it sounds. Ever since that first meeting though, Scott and Annabelle was a couple with whom we just clicked: likeable, funny and super in love, not just with each other, but also with South Africa, which is why they travelled all the way back here, from the Netherlands, to share their vows. It was a truly beautiful day from start-to-finish, Scott and Annabelle had been exactly the same people we had met all those months ago and their day is one I will forever cherish. Thank you so much for letting us share this day with you!"

- Markus Gericke

Scot and Annabelle Mostert