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Sandile and Miliswa - True love takes two

Sandile and Maliswa

"Two days after their coming together of two families, we were once again united with Sandile and Miliswa as they were to take their final vows, the moment everything had been building up to. Interesting bit of trivia: theirs was the biggest function ever hosted at Nantes Estate, with around 250 guests attending, from all over Africa. For many, the stress of such an occasion would have been too much, but not for these two; Sandile and Maliswa entered this day understanding the true meaning, the true meaning of love, the true meaning of commitment and the true meaning of marriage. Even with 250 guests to attend to, they knew that this day was about them, everything they had been through had been building up to a moment in time and that time had finally arrived. We cannot express the joy we felt for them, being able to witness two amazing people coming together, bringing two families together, and taking their first step into what we know will be a life we all dream about. Congratulations Sandile and Miliswa!"

- Markus Gericke