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Keenan and Stacey-Leigh - If today was your last day

"You know how they say that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you will ever go through as a couple? I'm guessing that memo did not reach Keenan and Stacey-Leigh. For this charming couple, I'm sure the day had started normally, waking up, brushing their teeth...Paarl's temperature reaching 36 degrees before the sun had even properly risen; just a normal day, right? Well that's definitely what you would have believed based on the calm demeanour of these two, when we first arrived; in retrospect though, this was a day that would change both their lives forever, not only would they soon be getting joint as husband and wife, but only a few hours after that, they would be boarding a plane and leaving South Africa forever. Two of the most stressful things you could possibly do in your lives and these two were going through both in one day...I'll openly admit, when they first told me, I thought they were insane, but then it dawned on me that this was actually the strength of their relationship; two people who had found each other, fell in love, realised they want to spend their lives together and in that, found the strength to do anything, to overcome any obstacle. And if you have that, I mean truly have that - like these two - then there's no reason to let any hurdle stand in your way, because as long as you have each other, then you will always overcome it. Keenan and Stacey-Leigh, it was a pleasure getting to know you through this journey and I know your next phase will be even greater."

- Markus Gericke