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Davin and Andrea - Love is an open road

"So another confession, and in this case, an unfortunate one: I have yet to personally meet Davin and Andrea, and that sucks! Because based on our many conversations via email and Facebook chat, as well as just the feedback from my team members, I know I've been missing out. These guys, by the purest definition, are just the nicest people I could possibly have asked to work with. I'll never forget, the day of their engagement shoot; I had been shooting a wedding (I was only booked until 19:00, just for clarity) but as I was walking to my car, I sent Natasha a voice note to make sure that everything had gone smoothly and she replied that she also just finished. This had confused me, as she was supposed to have finished waaaay before me, but before I could ask why, she followed it up with a series of voice notes, just ranting about how awesome this couple was and that they had just spent so much time chatting, that she had lost track of time. And that's the beauty of Davin and Andrea, everything about their personalities are truly inviting, the way they interacted with me, the way they instantly made friends with my photographers and, most importantly, the way their faces light up whenever they are in each other's presence. They say a picture tells a thousand words, well I have seen over a 1000-pictures which means that I have come to know these two, and I can honestly say that these two will someday be one of those elderly couples that young people strive to become. Congratulations guys!"

- Markus Gericke

Davin and Andrea Swart