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Basil and Jeanette - I took his last name

"Since Boland Weddings opened its doors, I have worked on the weddings of lots of friends, many people I truly cared about, but, I'm just going to come straight out and say it: none that were more special to me than the wedding of my, lifelong, friend Meiring (or Jeanette, is that her first name? I forget, I've been calling her "Meiring" since she was 11). To me, this incredibly special lady, is like a little sister, an exhausting one at times, but, nevertheless, one whose happiness means the world to me. And for that, I cannot imagine a better husband for her than Basil, a man who challenges her, who shares her sense of humour and, most importantly, a man who accepts her just as she is. I am rather annoyed with him for allowing her to change her last name, as I now can no longer refer to her as just "Meiring" - memo to change that in my phone book, but that aside, I cannot be happier that one of my favourite people has found happiness and someone to truly love her for being the amazing person that she is. Congratulations guys!"

- Markus Gericke