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Werner and Anri - April, Bride-of-the-Month

Anri and Werner Theron shared their vows all the way back on the 19th of February 2011, at Opstal in Rawsonville. Theirs had still been one of our earlier weddings, and even though we've literally been to hundreds of others since, this one has always remained in my heart as one of my favourites. Spoiler alert: the story I love to tell about how Lood and I had mistook a bride for being a high school girl, not realising that she was actually in her 20s and that she was the one getting married, until almost an hour in - that was this wedding. But it was the way Anri reacted to that incident that has always stood out for me, it's rare to see a bride that can laugh about mistakes like that, but Anri did and actually set a very high bar for all brides to follow. That had also been the tone for the rest of her and Werner's special day, filling every moment with joy and laughter, and even to this day, theirs is a day I still cherish greatly. This all made them the perfect choice to be the first winners of this new monthly contest, my personal choice, and now, seeing them more than seven years later, seeing that they are still exactly the same people that I remember so fondly, I simply cannot be prouder of my decision.

- Markus Gericke

2011 throwback:


Photographer: Natasha Louw

Wedding service providers:

Photography: Patrick Cloete Photography


Videographers: Markus Gericke and Lodewyk Ludik

Makeup: Charmaine

Hair: Carol's Place for Hair


Wedding gown:

Flowers and decor:


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