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Johan and Marike - Everything happens after the word "yes"

"Remember the contest for which Kurt and Melissa won second prize? Okay, honestly, I don't either, it's been a while and we did a lot of giveaways in 2018 (seriously, if anyone remembers what that contest was for, drop me a message, I'm actually really curious), but I'm getting side tracked, the one thing I do remember from that contest is that I got impulsive on the last day and gave away three shoots, instead of just one, as was the original intent. Johan and Marike, freshly engaged, were the winners of the third place prize, which was a photo shoot with yours truly. It was a lucky draw, so no favouritism on my part, but wow, what a lucky draw that was, and by that I mean for me, because Johan and Marike are the plain definition of nice people: down to earth, good sense of humours, simply just fun to be around. I had the greatest time during this shoot, trying to give them tips for their upcoming wedding (which I'm 99% sure they only caught every third word I was saying), I was just having a great time with these two. Guys, you were an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope your special day will be everything, and more, that you are hoping for; I know it will."

- Markus Gericke

Photographer: Markus Gericke

Location: Jan Marais Park, Stellenbosch

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