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Jason and Jamie - True love starts with a single word

Although we usually do these descriptions ourselves, in this one unique, and very special case, we're going to allow Jamie to do the talking for us, because there is no way any of us could have put it any better:

"Jason and I are still amped up after our shoot yesterday. We would just like to thank Boland Weddings for the amazing service we received in booking our shoot! Also, to our photographer Natasha, WOW! Firstly, your spirit and personality is so friendly, fun and contagious it rubbed off on us and our shoot. We had so much fun and laughs! Secondly, your professionalism is something people don't come across everyday. We have done one couple shoot before where we had a bad experience in terms of the photographer not conversing or directing us AT ALL! Natasha on the the other hand directed us if there was a need, and placing us in lighting which was best. We didn't know why (since we not photographers, lol) but she went to the point of explaining to us about different lighting and exposure. We had so much fun, next thing we knew and hour had passed and we were hundreds of photos done.

Thank you so much once again! You guys will definitely be used in the future again and recommended to many!"

- Jamie Paulse

Photographer: Natasha Louw

Location: Jan Marais Park, Stellenbosch

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