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Gary and Coretta - The day after

"Just a few hours before boarding their plane back home, we were reunited with our friends, Gary and Coretta, to do their engagement shoot - okay, I guess I should just call it 'couple shoot' as we had already covered their wedding a few days prior. This shoot was actually quite awesome, yes I think Gary is still mad at us for dragging them out of bed that early, but as our time on their wedding day had been fairly limited, we were so happy to get this extra time with them. Gary and Coretta are just super likeable people, up for anything and just so much fun to be around; we loved their wedding and we love them as people. Gary and Coretta - stay cool ;-)"

- Markus Gericke

Gary and Coretta-Jayde Zerf

Photographers: Natasha Louw and Markus Gericke

Location: Gordon's Bay


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