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Erin and Jeneke - Kids Today, Grown up Tomorrow

"Meanwhile, while Bianca and Zander were swimming to their matric farewell, at the other side of Paarl, Erin was preparing for hers. For Erin and her family, this was a landmark day in her life and most her family had shown up to share their love and support. All of them had expected 18 year old Erin to look stunning, but still caught themselves unprepared, no-one more so than her high school sweetheart, Jeneke. For him too this was a day to be celebrated, for he knew that her final stages of high school would also mean a new start for their relationship. But all that could wait until later, for this day was only about Erin, a celebration of everything she had accomplished in her young life and a final farewell to her career as a high school student". - Markus Gericke


Photographer: Madi van der Westhuizen


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