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Craig and Nyree, December - Bride-of-the-Month

"We do a lot of weddings, some we remember well, some we remember vaguely, and then, every once in a while, we have a wedding like Craig and Nyree's where we simply remember every single detail. Reason: these two are special, Craig and Nyree are two of the politest, most soft hearted and just plain nicest people that we could ever have hoped to work with. They are the kind of couple this contest was created for, people whom we truly wanted to catch up with again, and it was amazing to see that wedding life had not changed anything about them, not their characters, nor the loving way they treat each other. Life had blessed them with a daughter, Ayla, who, by the way, is the most well behaved toddler we have ever worked with; I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that - seriously Craig, when you write that book about motivational speaking, I suggested, add a chapter about great child raising - but on a serious note, this was actually one of my favourite 'Bride-of-the-Month' shoots so far, a chance to be reunited with two truly fantastic people, the kind of people who make marriage look easy, and, most importantly, I just really enjoyed seeing them again. Perfect choice, Jaconette!"

- Markus Gericke

Photography and videography:

Photographer: Natasha Louw

Videographer: Markus Gericke

Wedding service providers:



Videographers: Markus Gericke and Jaconette Bothma

Flowers and decor: Lorraine Hirst LOL Flowers

Wedding cake:


Guest house:

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