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Wouter and Zandre - A preview of true love

Wouter and Zandre Le Roux - Photo credit: Nelani van Zyl

"Wow was this a fun shoot, Wouter and Zandre are the kind of clients that we dream about: fun to be around, willing to try anything and, most importantly, crazy about each other. Their special day is taking place on the 15th of June and if this shoot was a preview of things to come, then I know that what I am imagining, probably, won't do any kind of justice to their big day. Wouter and Zandre, you guys have been such a pleasure to work with, so far, and we are so grateful that we're the ones who will get to capture your memories (less than 3 months now)".

- Markus Gericke


Photographer: Nelani van Zyl

Editor: Natasha Louw

Location: Eden Forest, Stellenbosch

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