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Shaun and Lee-ann - Love is what you have Left over, after you give 100%

"Before I write this entry, I should mention that I have never, personally, met Shaun or Lee-ann, so my thoughts are from email correspondence and picking out my favourite photos, for this blog piece, only. There are a select few clients that I get a special appreciation for before their weddings, these are the ones that hire us for their weddings and simply trust us to know what we are doing, not only that, but listening to our advice, beforehand, and following it to the letter. Lee-ann could be the poster child for this principle and that made her such an incredible pleasure to work with. As for Shaun, I'll be honest and say that Shaun, handsome fellow that he is, is not a fan of being in front of the camera - he was open about this from the very start, but it's always interesting how it are those kind of clients that often make the best photos and Shaun is no exception. Maybe it was just him being caught up in the emotion of finally making Lee-ann his wife, but those emotions were so apparent and so beautiful, that photographing him became an absolute pleasure. And that's really my summary of Shaun and Lee-ann, everything about them has been a pleasure and whether they end up staying here or in Scotland, we know that their love will last forever. Congratulations guys!"

- Markus Gericke

Shaun and Lee-ann Hardie