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Ross and Coral - Home is where the heart is

Although Ross and Coral's story may have started in the UK, it was always Ross's dream to exchange his vows on the soil of his home country in South Africa. That was why, on the 14th of March, this charming couple, joined by a select few of their closest friends and family, made the long trip across the ocean, to allow Ross' dream to become a reality. Yet it was not only Ross' dream that was realised that day, with Coral not only getting to marry the man of her dreams, but seeing to every small detail and turning this far away location into the dream wedding she had been planning since she was a little girl. Sometimes fate just has a way of working things out and when it brings together a perfect couple, like Ross and Coral, then fate can take a holiday, because it knows that its work ended the day it setup these two to walk the journey of life together.