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Ricky and Leslee - No mountain as great as our love

"So let's talk straight, we do a lot of engagement shoots and we meet a lot of fantastic couples, but: sometimes there are those that just bring that something extra to the table. Deep on the Bainskloof Pass, there stands a house, a house that has been a part of Leslee's family heritage for several generations. It was Leslee's dream to have her engagement shoot done at this location that lies so deep in her heart and we were fortunate enough to receive our invitations to help her make this simple dream a reality. And if you're wondering if we were excited about this, simply check the credits at the bottom, almost half our team joined for this shoot. But as awesome as this location was, none of that could come close to the awesomeness that is Ricky and Leslee. Ricky and Leslee are one of the easiest going couples we could ever have asked to work with, to be honest, I actually have a hard time even saying that any of this was work, as about 2-minutes in, we were just having fun with our new friends: hiking, chatting, having drinks on their porch and occasionally, taking a photo or two. I simply could not have imagined a better way to spend a Sunday, and their wedding is one we are counting the days towards. Less than 7-months guys, see you there! ;-)"

- Markus Gericke

Ricky Lloyd and Leslee Jade Butler

Photographers: Ruan Labuschagne, Pyper-Leigh Pringle and Markus Gericke

Hair and makeup: Andeline Wieland

Location: Bainskloof Pass

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