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Phillip and Shantini - July, Bride-of-the-Month

"Nothing makes us happier than seeing our old couples reaching the next step in their marriage, and seldom can I emphasise that more than when it happens to couples like Phillip and Shantini. It had been just over two years since we had last seen this amazing couple, sharing their vows at Laatson in Rawsonville. To me, they had become one of my instant favourites, simply because I loved them as people. The way they spoke to each, so lovingly and compassionate, it was just a reminder that the type of love you think only exists in movies, does actually exist in real life too. Elzette had been my second shooter on that wedding and, obviously, these two had made quite an impression on her too, as they were her selection to be our July, Bride-of-the-Month. Her timing was rather immaculate, as, just a few days after this shoot, life had blessed them with a beautiful, baby boy. I cannot think of any couple who deserved that more, and I was so happy that Elzette chose these two." - Markus Gericke

Wedding throwback:


Photographer: Natasha Louw

Wedding service providers:


Videography: Videographers: Markus Gericke and Elzette Van Eeden Hair and makeup: Venue:

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