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Nick and Nicolene - One ring to bind theme

"Back in 2001, Bruce Willis stared in one of my all time favourite movies, a film about a gang of bank robbers, called 'Bandits'. This movie had a famous scene in which Cate Blanchett's character exclaims to Joe Blake and Terry Collins that she is unable to choose between them, because together, they make the perfect man. Now, even though I am aware that Nicolene is not a man and neither she nor Nick are bank robbers, this scene was still playing off in my mind, when I first made the acquaintance of this, truly, awesome couple. Nick and Nicolene are two very different people; Nick is the funny one, always ready with a joke or movie reference, while Nicolene is more the serious type: it's those differences that made me realise how perfectly they fit as a couple, not only in the way they embrace each other's differences, but also their willingness to compromise and compliment each, yet never losing the uniqueness that makes each of them who they are. Their relationship is a 100/100 affair, not 50/50, even during their engagement shoot, I could tell that both of them were in this relationship for life and, for them, there was no looking back and no holding back; they had, already, dedicated themselves to each other and both of them had done so with no regrets. I'll simply end by stating that if life was a romantic comedy, their story would end with them kissing before the end credits, making every member in the audience wish for the kind of romance they have." - Markus Gericke