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Morné and Marishka - I'll be at your side forever

"I don't usually start these blog posts on a negative, but I guess, in some very rare cases, it takes a negative to make a positive and it takes a truly special couple to do so. Case and point: Morné and Marishka. Only a few hours before their big day was to commence, Marishka and her bridesmaids got the true taste of Africa, when they were robbed in the very room, where, in just a few hours, she would be preparing for the biggest day of her life. So try and imagine that, along with the normal nerves of a bride before her wedding day, and then imagine what this incredible lady must have been feeling. From my experience, I'll say it's safe to say that many would not have been able to cope, but not these two. This couple is a prime example of why our jobs are so special, not only are they two of the most fun-loving and likeable people that I met last year, but they understand what marriage is about; it's not just flowers and a pretty dress, but it's finding that one person who can heal all wounds, who can carry you through the worst of times and even make you smile after, it's finding that person who you know, that with him or her by your side, everything will always be alright. And that's what Morné and Marishka found in each other. It has been a privilege working with both of them."

- Markus Gericke