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Loubser Family - I'll bring the kids

"Back in August 2015, Jaconette and I filmed the wedding of an awesome couple named Roux and Jorandi, then, less than a year later, Jaconette joined up with our former team member, Jako Tomlinson, to capture the wedding of Jorandi's sister, Ansuré, who was marrying the man of her dreams, Henrico. I apologise, I didn't mean for this post to sound like a history lesson, but what I was getting at, is that our team has had a great history with the Loubser family. That's why, when I received an email from Jorandi that they wanted to book a family shoot, I was actually pretty excited, I hadn't seen these clients in years and, as everyone knows, I love catching up with old clients, and then, something came up and I was unable to attend. This actually made me sadder than I've been willing to admit, especially after seeing the photos, all the familiar faces and just how happy everyone still looks after all these years. So, as I'm not able to do my first hand report as usual, I will just say this: guys, I have very fond memories of all of you, even Ansuré and Henrico - yes, I didn't personally work on your wedding, but I met you at Jorandi's and remember you just being the nicest couple, and that's what I can see in these photos, time hasn't changed you, none of you, Jorandi, Roux, Ansurê, Henrico, Wandeli...what I saw in these photos are the same people I had the privilege of meeting back in 2015, and my biggest hope for you all is that you never lose that, because that is what will always make you a truly special family."

- Markus Gericke


Photographer: Madi van der Westhuizen

Location: Majik Forest

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