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Lawrence and Jana - I get to love you

Mr. and Mrs. Smit

"I make no secret of the fact that weekday weddings are my favourite, some think that's b ecause it gets me out of the office for an extra day and yes, that is a definite perk, but it's not the first reason that comes to mind. There is a certain theme to weekday weddings, they are usually smaller and more intimate, the couples always seem more relaxed, they are basically just fun to be a part of, case and point - Lawrence and Jana. Lawrence and Jana is any photographer's dream couple: easy going, fun, attractive and simply easy to work with. Minimal directing was required for these two as they simply had a natural way in front of a camera and a true chemistry with each other. Above all that though, their love for each other was so real, there was nothing fake about it, nothing pretentious, these two were simply being themselves and enjoying every second of their big day, and that is what we love to see. Lawrence and Jana, you two are awesome people, we loved being a part of your special day and I speak for all of us who met you, that we wish you a lifetime of happiness together".

- Markus Gericke