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Johan and Marelize - One morning can last forever

"Meanwhile, while my team was sitting in Wimpy, waiting for our wedding to start, Ruan and Andi (joined by our good friend, Alida Smith) had been having an early morning at Manley Wine Lodge in Tulbagh. Now I have to confess, of the three weddings our teams were covering this day, Johan and Marelize was the only couple I had not met in person, and yet, somehow, I still feel like I know them. You really can tell a lot about people from just email correspondence, the questions they ask, their response time and just the overall way they respond to you...Marelize was one of the easiest clients I have had the privilege of working with in recent months, I don't recall a single message that didn't at least contain one smiling emoticon and that just translates perfect to the way she and Johan both looked on their wedding day. Every single photo just has them looking like the happiest couple and there is nothing I love more than seeing that. Guys, you have been a pleasure every step of the way and I cannot thank you enough that you chose us to capture this massive step in your journey."

- Markus Gericke