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Ivan and Nandi - True love is the answer to all questions

"Simply put, Ivan and Nandi were a dream couple, an absolute pleasure to work with and an absolute feast for the eyes. Their big day had been a long time coming, for us as well as them; how long you may be wondering? Well, Nandi had pre-booked us even before Ivan had placed the ring on her finger, this actually went quite well with their proposal story, where Nandi had failed to actually answer, as she got sidetracked dreaming about their table setting. It was simply a question she never needed to answer, because in her mind, she and Ivan had always been destined to end up together, their romance was the kind she had been dreaming of her entire life and the perfect wedding would be their perfect transition, between these two stages of their lives together. I'll say her dream came true. Ivan and Nandi, you two were absolute stars, we cannot thank you enough for choosing us from the very beginning and we loved every second of being there on your special day."

- Markus Gericke