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Gerrit and Suzette, August - Bride-of-the-Month

Gerrit and Suzette are two of the sweetest people I know; they had shared their vows on the 22nd of February 2014 at a small church in Stellenbosch. Suzette had entered the union, already a mother to a teenage daughter, which Gerrit had accepted as his own on that day; going down on his knee and asking her to be his daughter. It was a unique and truly beautiful gesture. Jaconette and I had filmed their wedding together and she, especially, had formed a particular fondness to this charming couple and their daughter, therefore, when she got to make her selection this month, she immediately picked them. It was such a pleasure catching up with these amazing people and getting to see that, four years after their wedding, they had taken the promises of that day to heart and were all now officially a family.


Photographer: Natasha Louw

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