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Gerhard and Anchen - Beauty is more than just skin deep

"I, honestly, don't even know where to start describing this day, I mean how do you describe a wedding that got a unanimous vote from their entire crew that this was their favourite wedding of 2018? But, I'll have to try :-) Anchen and Gerhard are one of those couples who simply compliment each other in every way, these two are the kind of people you meet and you kind of just want to be friends with them. Gerhard's sense of humour had me in tears, at both their wedding and engagement shoot, but more than that, there is a humility about this pair that is just kind of rare today. They're special people, truly special, and I don't actually think it needs a big explanation of why we all consider this wedding to be our favourite from last year; all I will say is that, to us, weddings are all about the couple, their chemistry with each other, their chemistry with us, and whether we can tell that they are there for the right reasons - Gerhard and Anchen could be the poster children for couples who will still be holding hands when their outer beauty has faded and their hairs have all turned to grey."

- Markus Gericke