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Farren and Mariska - February Bride-of-the-Month

"In a way, my monthly 'Bride-of-the-Month' post is like me visiting a confessional, because it seems that every month I'm confessing something new, so here we go again: Early last year, when I first came up with the idea for this monthly contest, I had not yet completed the wedding video of Farren and Mariska, I finally did about a month later and immediately just made a backup of their raw footage and put it in a safe. Even though videos wouldn't become part of this contest for several months, I had always planned to bring it in eventually and I also knew that I would definitely be needing their footage again, because: I had already known, all the way back then, that these two awesome people would inevitably win this contest. To us, Farren and Mariska are more than just clients, I know I say that a lot, but I don't often describe clients as being friends of our company, and that's what Farren and Mariska are to us. I mentioned to Farren that Megan and Madi had both said months earlier that when their turns came up that they were going to pick them and it was literally just a case of who got to choose first (Megan won). But that's the impact they've had on all our team members whom have had the privilege of working with them, and that is something truly special.I simply cannot be happier that these two awesome people, our friends, finally got their chance to wear the Bride-of-the-Month crowns. You guys will always be awesome!"

- Markus Gericke

Bride-of-the-Month segment

Photography and videography:

Photographer: Natasha Louw

Videographer: Markus Gericke

Location: Tokai Forest

Wedding service providers

Photography and videography:

Photographers: Natasha Louw and Madi van der Westhuizen

Videographers: Markus Gericke and Megan Procter

Hair & Make-Up: Zel Hair and Makeup

Flowers: Blommeprag

Wedding cake: PJ Lombard


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