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Dylan and Clarissa - One word will make us man and wife

"I actually don't know where to start with this one, let's just say, I don't get to be a spy too often in my line of work, but that was kinda what this shoot required. We arrived about 30-minutes before Dylan and Clarissa and desperately scouted the location, trying to find somewhere we could hide but still have a clear great idea to climb a tree didn't work (although that would have been AWESOME), so we eventually went a simpler route and took positions in my car's front seat, with a direct view of where Dylan would ask Clarissa the big question. As one of the two people who actually witnessed this as it played out, I can honestly say, this was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. It's simply hard to put into words, the amount of emotion that was being projected as we were clicking away, watching their faces as one question had literally just determined the rest of their lives together. I told Dylan this on the day, and I will say it again, this was one of my favourite shoots I had ever been lucky enough to be a part of, and I will stick to that forever. Dylan and Clarissa, we cannot be happier for you guys and we know that as you begin this next step in your journey towards becoming husband and wife, that life is just going to keep getting better-and-better, and even from just the 90-minutes we spent together, I can honestly say, you guys deserve nothing less. Thank you for making us a part of this incredible moment in your lives."

- Markus Gericke

She said yes! Congratulations Dylan Kleinhentz and Clarissa Pienaar!

Photographers: Pyper-Leigh Pringle and Markus Gericke

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