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Desmond and Leigh - When opposites attract

"Does anyone remember the show 'Cheers'? (and no, I don't care that I'm giving away my age - Cheers was brilliant). During it's first 5 season run, 'Cheers' featured two main characters, named Sam and Dianne; these characters were two polar opposites, Sam was the fun and adventurous type, who was always up for a challenge and, more often than not, simply acting on impulse. Dianne was a bit different, serious, always thinking things through, seldom doing anything unexpected...and viewers fell in love with the chemistry these two characters brought to the screen. Enter: Desmond and Leigh, the real life Sam and Dianne; Desmond and Leigh are two very different people and, just like Sam and Dianne, I cannot imagine anyone being a better fit for either of them, because they literally do complete each other, Desmond bring out Leigh's fun side and Leigh is the likely reason that Desmond has yet to go shark diving without a cage. Their chemistry, and love for one another, is simply overwhelming and truly a rare site to behold. I absolutely loved meeting both of them and simply cannot wait for their wedding at the end of this month. Guys, until then, just stay awesome...and to Desmond's friends, we kinda need him alive to participate in their wedding, so don't make the bachelor's too crazy :p"

- Markus Gericke

Photographers: Natasha Louw and Markus Gericke

Locations: Brandwacht and Onder Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch

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