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Desmond and Leigh - Love was made for me and you

"Now I've already expressed my fondness for Desmond and Leigh when I wrote the piece about their engagement shoot, but allow me to reiterate that again, these two are not only the perfect couple, but also the perfect clients. Theirs was a wedding we were super excited for, not for the venue, not for the decor...take it all away and it still would have been the perfect occasion, because that's the power of these two together. You meet them, you start chatting to them, and very soon, you don't feel like you're working anymore, you're just casually taking pictures of a party with some old friends. And that's how we felt while working with Desmond and Leigh. Guys, you are absolutely awesome and we know you lives together will be exactly that."

- Markus Gericke

Desmond and Leigh Dolinschek