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Damian and Lauren's shower of blessings

For their wedding day, Damian and Lauren's greatest wish was simply to do something small and intimate. A day that wasn't about glitz and glamour, but instead focused on them sharing their vows and having it witnessed by only those closest to them. Unfortunately for them though: Damian and Lauren are two truly impressive people and any event with them in the centre, was bound going to be glamorous. Lauren looked like a classic Vogue model, disporting a gorgeous dress by Cindy Bam and Damian looked just as handsome in his grey, flannel, suit. Yet, at the core, these two stunning people still understood that this day was about more than just appearance, it was about love, it was about commitment and, by keeping that their personal focus, Damian and Lauren still got the intimate wedding they had always dreamed about. And we were overjoyed to have been a part of it.