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Craig and Lynn - The pages of our love

"A question I very often get is what the point of an engagement shoot actually is, so allow me to finally answer: not only is an engagement shoot a chance for you to get to know your photographer, but, just as important, it's a chance for your photographer to get to know you; a chance for us to learn your likes, dislikes, your level of comfort in front of a camera, your best sides, do you prefer posing or natural...and beyond all that, we get a feel for you as people. Your wedding day is the most important day of your lives, and many will think, because we see so many, that we've become desensitised to what it all means, but that's simply not the truth. Case and point: Craig and Lynn. Craig and Lynn did their engagement shoot on the beach, during a windstorm; that is a recipe that will make many couples postpone or at least cut it short, but not these two. With the sand blowing in their faces, the wind messing up Lynn's hair...all the pleasantries that usually come with this kind of weather, these two remained smiling, not complaining for even a single second. And that told us exactly what kind of people these two were, they are the kind of people who take life on with determination, that holds their relationship together with that same kind of determination - they are the kind of people, whose wedding we cannot wait for. And having that kind of relationship, already established, even before your big day, that's what will make your wedding photos extra special, that is the point of an engagement shoot."

- Markus Gericke

Photography and videography:

Photographer: Natasha Louw

Videographer: Markus Gericke

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