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Craig and Lynn - I give you this ring and make you life

"I'll admit, it took me a while to finally write this blog post and I'm going to explain that with a wedding cliche, "it wasn't that I had nothing to say, it was because I had too much and didn't know where to begin"; I'll openly admit, that's a line I've heard at so many weddings that I find myself cringing whenever I hear those words spoken, and yet, with Craig and Lynn, they are actually 100% true! Craig and Lynn, in the simplest terms, was every wedding photographer's dream couple, not only physically attractive, but humble, patient, fun and to top it all off - simply, just nice people. I think I said something similar to that when I wrote their engagement blog, but I really want to emphasise it here, because they deserve to hear it. I'd say they were a pleasure to work with, but somehow, I feel I'd be short changing them with such a simple statement, because being a part of their wedding was more than a pleasure, it was a honour, it was a privilege. I'll end this with one important note, guys, I mentioned this briefly during your sunset shoot and I'm putting it in writing now, our Bride-of-the-Month contest, if you guys ever find yourself in the Western Cape again, you don't have to wait to be selected, because I am making you my honourary selection right now - all you do is call me up, say you are coming for a visit and you become instant winners, because couples like you: are the reason we will always stay in this profession (also, I just had my Simon Cowell, Golden Buzzer moment - that felt awesome!)

- Markus Gericke