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Connie and Angelique - In a crazy world, you make me normal

"So I'll be honest here, I have never, officially, met Connie or Angelique. I've spoken to them over emails and text, of course, but I have never physically met them in person. And yet, through our correspondence, as well as sorting through their pictures to do this blog post, and, obviously, based on what my team has told me, I do kinda feel like I know them, more importantly, I can tell what they mean to each other. In every single photo, Angelique has a sparkle in her eye, you don't get that sparkle from putting together the perfect wedding day, you get that sparkle from marrying your perfect partner. Connie, on the other hand, his tears when he sees her walk down the aisle says it better than I could say in a 1000 paragraphs. So what can I tell you about Connie and Angelique, without even meeting them? I can tell you that they both found their perfect matches, a match that will make them both happy, a match whom they both will love forever. And all of us are truly ecstatic, that in a world as crazy as this one, that they were able to find that in each other. Congratulations guys!"

- Markus Gericke