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Bianca and Zander - Ain't no river wide enough (to keep me from getting to you)

"If Alanis Morissette ever writes a follow up to her song 'Ironic', it should feature something about rain on matric farewells; that was the reality Bianca was facing as one of the most important days of her teenage life had finally arrived. I have seen many clients go to pieces when faced with this scenario, which had made Bianca's reaction to it all the more refreshing. In the words of Natasha, "This girl was an absolute trooper", risking damage to her gorgeous, blue, dress and stepping outside into one of those rainstorms that can and will leave you soaked in mere seconds. Her date, Zander, definitely deserves a mention too, as he had been out there with her, the whole time, even though his own matric farewell was only a few days away and he would definitely be needing his suit again. All I can say about young people like these: you give us hope for the couples of the future. Thanks for being awesome!" - Markus Gericke


Photographer: Natasha Louw

(Assisted by Markus Gericke)


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