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Albert and Lana - Yesterday a girl, Today a Woman

"We have a special connection with all of our clients, but there are some, rare, cases where that connection just goes a little deeper. Lana is one of those people who, even if it was only from a distance, I had the privilege of seeing grow up. From a young girl, walking past me, in her primary school attire, all the way through high school and now, the beautiful, young woman that her father walked down the aisle. Lana, and her entire family, has always held a special place in our hearts, from shooting the weddings of her sisters, Cisca and Rosie, shooting a one-man show of he her brother, Jacques, doing a family shoot with most their family, even once visiting Rosie on her farm...every member of their family is special to use in their own, unique way. Lana is the youngest of the four sisters and it seems appropriate that she was also the last one to take her vows, and even though I wasn't able to be there myself, I could tell from the pictures, from the glances she and Albert exchanged, the way her face lit up when he said her name, during his speech, that she has found the man she is meant to be with. I can speak for everyone at the Boland Weddings family, when I say that we wish Albert and Lana a lifetime of happiness and that we are so grateful that we were allowed to play a part in the biggest day of one more member from this amazing family, whom I will always consider not my clients, but my friends."

- Markus Gericke


Photographers: Ruan Labuschagne and Nelani van Zyl

Makeup artist: Jenna Smith


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